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Momentick is a computer vision company that delivers accurate & autonomous capabilities by identifying & quantifying materials such as Methane and other GHG emissions on a planetary scale.

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Main Sources of Methane Emissions


Overcomes complex
conditions in
satellite imagery

Clouds cover the Earth's surface at any given time and play a major role in filtering (and in certain cases blocking) the imagery satellites capture

Cloudy Sky

Paris from space
Gas rig from space


The depth of the water can affect the amount of light that reaches the surface, which can impact the quality and accuracy of hyperspectral data. 

Due to the angle from which the satellite is positioned, multiple objects  shadow the surface differently, every time.

Eiffel tower from space


Accelerate Your Time to Value



Momentick creates a data layer on top of every image without human guidance.


Historical Data

The solution utilized historical data to verify and track changes

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Hardware Agnostic

Utilizes various data sources including satellite, aerial, and others, without limitations of specific hardware or provider.


Shorter Time to Insight

Surpass traditional solutions to deliver in-depth analysis of what matters.


Planetary Scale

Combining observations from a range of satellites for continuous measurements of the surface.


Broad GHG Detection

Momentick’s IP and methodology are applicable to other types of greenhouse gases and materials.

Meet The Team

Daniel Kashmir
Daniel Kashmir

CEO, Co-Founder

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Dr. Ophir Almog
Dr. Ophir Almog

Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

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Lev Oren
Lev Oren

COO, Co-Founder

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Monitoring GHG Emissions. Anytime. Anywhere.

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