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   Keeping methane in the pipe  

Monitoring and measuring methane emissions from gathering and transmission pipelines

Undetected and unmonitored methane emissions cost the energy sector an estimated $60B annually. Combined with the exposure to increasing regulatory taxation in the US and Europe, this price tag is further compounded.

Pipeline leaks are a key part of this.

Momentick harnesses multi-satellite imagery and AI to detect and measure methane pipeline leaks. Our technology provides both large-area and regional monitoring for vast networks of pipelines, as well as pinpoint monitoring for specific coordinates along a specific pipeline. We deliver the essential data pipeline contractors and subcontractors need to stop revenue loss, comply with regulatory requirements, demonstrate compliance and participate in growing carbon markets. We also deliver historical data for any area to accurately track leaks over time.

Our emissions intelligence is the software solution that makes pipeline methane detection, monitoring and reporting easy, low-cost and accurate. 

Emissions monitoring and reporting made easy

Monitoring and measuring methane emissions for oil and gas






Enter the coordinates of geographical area of interest

Manage all assets and areas of interest in one place

Set reporting frequency & receive emissions email alerts

Check comparison of current site measurements to previous ones

Export emissions data as PDF report 

Our Technology


Our data isn’t dependent on a specific satellite or human teams on the ground. Our multi-satellite approach leverages the rapidly increasing number of commercial & non-commercial satellites to always meet customer demands and provide monitoring for any site every 48 hours. 

We deliver autonomous monitoring of specific assets or facilities, such as unique pipeline segments. Pinpoint monitoring is highly suitable for detecting small to medium-sized emissions in specific remote locations without the cost and human resources required for ground monitoring.

Large Area Monitoring

Our solutions provide near-real time large-scale regional monitoring for entire gas fields, pipeline networks, geographical regions, cities, states and countries. This solution is highly suitable for entire natural gas pipeline assets over massive areas of land — even in the most remote locations. 

Pinpoint Monitoring
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Global scale

Monitoring pipelines globally, including remote locations in any geographical or climate conditions. 

Data precision

Application of advanced algorithms for highly accurate emissions identification & quantification of small to medium leaks and large super-emitter events.

High resolution imaging

Emissions identified and quantified in each pixel to pinpoint their precise source.

Faster time to insight

Data seamlessly translated into actionable analytics.

Hardware agnostic

Utilization of satellite and aerial sources without hardware or provider limitations. 

Historical emissions data

Areas of interest tracked over time with historical data to compare current measurements to previous ones. 

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