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Oil and Gas

   Monitoring on and offshore emissions  

Monitoring and measuring methane emissions for oil and gas

Momentick applies advanced algorithms to satellite images to detect the presence, concentration and emission rate of methane. Our technology empowers oil and gas companies to accurately track and verify their emissions performance. Combining imagery from a range of sources, we monitor and validate this performance over time.

We deliver precise, autonomous and near real-time monitoring for assets on and offshore, historical data for any given location, trigger alerts for new emissions, and easily exported reporting — all without hardware limitations or the need for human guidance.

Our emissions intelligence makes methane monitoring and reporting easier, faster and independently verifiable.

Emissions monitoring and reporting made easy

Monitoring and measuring methane emissions for oil and gas






Enter the coordinates of facility or area of interest

Manage all assets and areas of interest in one place

Set reporting frequency & receive emissions email alerts

Check comparison of current site measurements to previous ones

Export emissions data as PDF report 

Our Technology

Advanced offshore

Our technology opens up new possibilities for offshore methane detection and monitoring in satellite images by overcoming complex conditions that can prevent accurate emissions identification and quantification over water. These advanced solutions enable accurate methane detection over water regardless of weather conditions.

Detection right down to the source

Our capabilities detect and quantify methane concentrations in each pixel – down to the source. We accurately pinpoint the precise location of super emitters, flares, and leaks with verifiable measurements and crucial historical data that enables oil & gas companies and contractors to track a facility or operation's emissions accurately over time.

Intelligence from wide range of satellites 

Our advanced algorithms deliver emissions intelligence on a wide range of satellite imagery, without hardware or provider limitations. Our solutions reshape the way satellite imagery is utilized to accurately pinpoint methane emissions on a global scale without human guidance.

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Global scale

Monitoring any asset globally, including offshore sites.

Data precision

Application of advanced algorithms for accurate emissions identification & quantification.

High resolution imaging

Emissions identified and quantified in each pixel to pinpoint their precise source.

Faster time to insight

Data seamlessly translated into actionable analytics.

Hardware agnostic

Utilization of satellite and aerial sources without hardware or provider limitations. 

Historical emissions data

Areas of interest tracked over time with historical data to compare current measurements to previous ones. 

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