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Financial Sector

   On-demand emissions intelligence   

GHG emissions analytics for finance and financial services

Momentick applies advanced algorithms to satellite images to detect the presence, concentration and emission rate of greenhouse gases. Combining imagery from a range of satellite sources, we provide the technology for tracking and monitoring emissions globally and across a wide array of industries. Our emissions intelligence enables financial intuitions, services and investors to shape their investment strategies, assess financial risks, close the data gap for emerging markets and decarbonize their portfolios.  

We transform financial decision-making by independently verifying emissions performance and delivering precise, near real-time reporting with crucial historical data for any given location and easily exported reports for instant sharing with relevant stakeholders.

We make it simpler to evaluate climate change opportunities and risks, maintain a competitive edge, enhance returns on green investments and more effectively deliver on environmental targets.

Emissions monitoring and reporting made easy






Enter location coordinates

See all locations in one place

Set reporting frequency & receive emissions email alerts

Compare current site measurements to previous ones

Export emissions data as a customized PDF report 

Our Technology

Multi-satellite imagery 

Our advanced algorithms deliver emissions intelligence on a wide range of satellite imagery, without the limitations of software integration, specific hardware or a provider. Our solutions reshape the way satellite imagery is utilized to accurately pinpoint, quantify and monitor emissions without human guidance.

Right down to the source
Maintaining competitive edge

We deliver precise and continuous emissions reporting without hardware or provider limitations for financial decision-making. Our technology overcomes complex conditions in satellite imagery to provide accurate reporting where others can’t. These advanced solutions include emissions monitoring in remote and offshore locations.

Our capabilities detect and quantify methane concentrations in each pixel – down to the source. We accurately pinpoint the precise location of super emitters, flares, and leaks with verifiable measurements and crucial historical data that enables financial institutions and services to track emissions accurately over time.

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Global scale

Tracking methane emissions for any site globally, across industries.

Unique data solutions

Essential and comprehensive analytics to accurately determine and assess environmental financial risks 

Data precision

Application of advanced algorithms for accurate identification and quantification of emissions.

High resolution imaging

Emissions identified and quantified in each pixel to pinpoint their precise source.

Faster time to insight

Data seamlessly translated into actionable analytics for financial decision-making and reporting.

Historical emissions data

Areas of interest tracked over time with historical data to compare current measurements to previous ones. 

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