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Waste management

Monitoring and measuring methane emissions for waste management

Momentick applies advanced algorithms to satellite images to detect the presence, concentration and emission rate of natural gasses. Combining imagery from a range of satellite sources, we deliver emissions intelligence for quantifying and capturing methane in landfills and dumpsites, assessing existing emissions reduction or collection projects and accurate environmental reporting. 

Our technology provides essential solutions. We deliver emissions monitoring on a global scale with historical emissions data for any given location and easily exported reports. We empower the waste management industry to detect escaping methane, identify and track landfill gas recovery and green energy generation projects and opportunities globally, as well as independently verify regulatory compliance.

Our emissions intelligence makes methane detection, collection and reporting easier, faster and independently verifiable for a green future. 

Emissions monitoring and reporting made easy

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Enter landfill or dumpsite coordinates

See all locations in one place

Set reporting frequency & receive emissions email alerts

Compare current site measurements to previous ones

Export emissions data as PDF report 

Our Technology

Solving imagery obstacles 

We deliver new, cutting-edge possibilities for minor emissions detection and monitoring in satellite images. Our technology overcomes complex conditions in satellite imagery that prevent accurate emissions identification and quantification where others can’t. 

Zero maintenance required

Our capabilities remotely detect and quantify methane concentrations in each pixel of satellite imagery, down to the source — zero maintenance required. We accurately identify escaping gasses at landfills and dumpsites faster, easier and more cost-effectively than other monitoring solutions. 

Multi-satellite imagery sources

Our advanced algorithms deliver emissions intelligence on a wide range of satellite imagery, without specific hardware or a provider limitations. Our solutions reshape the way satellite imagery is utilized to accurately detect and monitor emissions without human guidance.

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New opportunities

Pinpointing new landfill gas recovery opportunities for capturing natural gas and generating clean energy.

Data precision

Precise quantifications using advanced algorithms for fast, easy and accurate emissions monitoring. 

Environmental reporting

Continuous reporting easily exported as a pdf for regulatory compliance verification.  

Faster time to insight

Complex data seamlessly translated into actionable analytics.

Global scale

Monitoring any asset globally, even in the most remote locations.

Historical emissions data

Areas of interest tracked over time with historical data to compare current measurements to previous ones. 

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