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Monitoring GHG Emissions.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Momentick is making a net-zero future a reality.

Our advanced algorithms unlock the power of satellite imagery to measure, monitor and reduce GHG emissions. We deliver the technology industries and regulatory bodies need to autonomously detect & monitor emissions on a global scale. 

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Unleashing the power of high-resolution satellite imagery
Precise Emissions Data

Advanced algorithms applied to satellite imagery to deliver the precise data crucial for accurately detecting and monitoring emissions on and offshore on a global scale.

Advanced Multi-satellite imagery

Emissions intelligence from a wide range of satellite sources for advanced high-frequency monitoring and reporting.

Compliance and Verification

Emissions performance tracked over time to verify regulatory compliance, inform decision-making and drive green energy projects.

Our Markets


  • Why Momentick?
    Momentick is more than emissions data. We’re reshaping the way industries and governments monitor and report GHG emissions. Our technology, emissions intelligence, and on-demand customized reporting makes emissions monitoring and reporting precise, simple and easy.
  • What makes Momentick’s technology unique?
    Our technology solves the most pressing GHG emissions monitoring challenges. We apply advanced algorithms to satellite imagery from a robust range of satellites to accurately pinpoint the source and timeline of emissions, deliver precise quantifications and simplify reporting. Our solutions offer unmatched accuracy, frequency and efficiency.
  • What are the main challenges in GHG emissions monitoring?
    GHG emissions are driving irreversible climate change. However, accurate detection and monitoring can be costly and unrealistic in complex conditions. Consequently, only a fraction of emissions are being identified and measured globally. Innovative detection technologies are required to provide industries and governments with the crucial emissions intelligence they need to act.
  • Why satellite imaging for GHG monitoring?
    Satellite imaging offers key benefits for GHG emissions monitoring on a global scale. The use of hyperspectral and multispectral satellite sensors to consistently detect and quantify emissions from space offers an accurate, low-cost monitoring solution without the limitations of hardware and human personnel on the ground. Emissions intelligence from satellite imaging also empowers industries and institutions to streamline emissions reporting.
  • What are Momentick’s methane monitoring solutions?
    Our methane monitoring solutions are optimized for high accuracy, fast insights and easy reporting. By applying advanced algorithms to multi-satellite imaging, Momentick identifies the concentration and rate of any methane emission — on or offshore — down to the source.

Use Cases

Use Cases name

Coal mine methane (CMM) is a type of gas that is produced during coal mining operations.

Increasing the frequency and accuracy of CMM monitoring and reporting can help to identify areas where CMM emissions can be reduced and provide a better understanding of the sources and ensure that CMM emissions are properly managed and controlled. managed and controlled.

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